5 FREE Diaper Bags Filled with Free Baby Samples


5 Free Diaper Bags by Mail

Get free diaper bags filled with free baby samples like; free diaper samples, free baby bottles, baby coupons, plus more baby freebies from top baby brands. Here’s a list of FREE Diaper Bags + More Baby Freebies currently available:

#1 – Free Baby Stuff from EverydayFamily


Free Diaper Bag + Baby Freebies from EverydayFamily

Register with EverydayFamily to get free baby stuff like diaper samples, free baby formula, printable baby coupons, baby samples, and special offers from your favorite baby brands. You’ll be automatically entered to win their FREE Diapers for 1 Year sweepstakes. Plus, new members will receive a FREE 8×10 Photo Canvas! Join today and see why this is our visitor’s #1 baby freebie! πŸ™‚

Get My Free Baby Stuff from EverydayFamily!

#2 – Free Enfamil Pack ‘n Cool + Enfamil Samples ($325 value)

Free Enfamil Diaper Bag ($325 value)

Get your free Enfamil tote full of Enfamil samples plus a full-size can of Enfamil formula, cooler bag, $60 in Enfamil coupons, more baby samples! The awesome Enfamil Pack ‘n Cool is an insulated cooler bag that includes free baby bottles and a molded ice pack to keep baby formula cool. This is a $325 value!

Get My Free Enfamil Diaper Bag!

#3 – Free Gerber Backpack + Gerber Samples ($114 value)

Free Gerber Diaper Bag filled with Gerber formula samples - $114 value

Join MyGerber and get a Gerber backpack filled with Gerber samples. The free Gerber diaper bag includes; a full size can of GoodStart formula, a Gerber bib, coupons, Gerber formula samples, more! This is a $114 value. Available for U.S. residents only.

Get My Free Gerber Diaper Bag!

#4 – Free Similac Diaper Bag ($329 value)

Free Diaper Bag from Similac

Request your free Similac diaper bag ($329 value). You’ll get 2 full containers of Similac formula, free baby bottle samples, coupons, plus a free Shutterfly photo book.
Available for U.S. residents only.

Get My Free Similac Diaper Bag!

#5 – Nestle Free Diaper Bag – Canada ($130 value)

Nestle Baby Diaper Bag for FREE ($130 value)

Get a Nestle Baby Diaper Bag for FREE. You’ll get free Nestle baby formula, diaper changing pad, Nestle baby samples, coupons, and parenting tips. The Free Nestle Diaper Bag is a $130 value! Available for residents of Canada only.

Get My Free Diaper Bag from Nestle!

#6 – Free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit

Free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit

Go to Gerber.com to print a certificate for a Free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit. The kit includes; 2 free Gerber Good Start formula samples, a Gerber cozy, Gerber Good Start coupons, free Gerber samples, feeding guides, more! Available for U.S. residents only.

Get My Free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit!

UPDATE (11/16/17): The certificate is no longer needed. Pick up the free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit when you deliver your baby. Call Gerber at 1-800-284-9488 to make sure your hospital participates. Don’t forget to ask the nice service rep to send you some Gerber samples and coupons! πŸ˜‰

Free Diaper Bags at Hospitals and Dr. Offices

Most hospitals will give you a free diaper bag when you deliver your baby. Call your local hospital before your due date to see if they participate. Some hospitals require that you print out a certificate and bring it with you to get your free diaper bag. Your OB/Gyn and Pediatrician are also great resources to get free baby stuff like free diapers, free baby bottles, baby formula samples, etc. Many times they’ll have plenty of baby samples on hand – just ask!

5 Free Diaper Bags by Mail

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  1. Sorry but I’ve signed up for all of these different companies and they do NOT give you free diaper bags with anything inside…I don’t know if they used to but I signed up late last year (2016) and have received nothing of the sort…actually, I have not received anything free from any company or even any samples πŸ˜ͺ Wish it were true though!

  2. Serena, the formula companies DO give away free stuff. If you haven’t received yours, I’d suggest calling their 1-800 numbers and talking to a customer service rep. I received a free cooler bag from Enfamil with full-size formula and samples inside. I also called Similac and Gerber directly and they also sent me samples. πŸ™‚

  3. Cindy – the formula companies do change their freebie offers from time-to-time. I received a free diaper bag from Enfamil with a cooler pack, 2 free cans of formula, and other baby samples. Similac & Gerber both sent me cans of formula and coupons but not in an actual diaper bag. Some of our visitors have received the free diaper bags at the hospital when they delivered their baby. However, not all hospitals participate.

  4. Only 4 weeks pregnant, with 1st child and am going to be a single mom so my Dr’s told me togo online as companies send you free products such as diapers, bath lotions and shampoos. This its all new to me so I don’t know how so go out about getting these products send to my home or coupons where i can redeem different items. Any help nd suggestions would be great.


  5. i am writing for my 22 year old granddaughter. she is 2 months pregnant. and a single mom. i am trying to find programs that can help her out. she is due 06/15/2018. she is starting out with nothing. i seen your add on the internent. so can you please help. thanks.

  6. Gerber discontinued this promo and Similac is only available at certain hospitals. They both responded to me today. I haven’t heard back from enfamil yet and the Nestle one is only for Canada. I’ll update when I hear back from Enfamil.

  7. I called Enfamil and they told me that I should receive the samples around my due date. I also called Gerber they said the only thing they will do is send out email stating samples are available and you would have to proceed through the email. I will keep a watch out for this email. Gerber also mentioned they discontinued the nutrition pack about a year ago.

  8. Jazmine, thank you for letting us know. As mentioned, the offers vary from time-to-time and based on demand. I hope you get some great freebies!


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