5 FREE Diaper Bags Filled with Free Baby Samples


5 Free Diaper Bags by Mail

Get free diaper bags filled with free baby samples like; free diaper samples, free baby bottles, baby coupons, plus more baby freebies from top baby brands. Here’s a list of FREE Diaper Bags + More Baby Freebies currently available:

#1 – Free Baby Stuff from EverydayFamily


Free Diaper Bag + Baby Freebies from EverydayFamily

Register with EverydayFamily to get free baby stuff like diaper samples, free baby formula, printable baby coupons, baby samples, and special offers from your favorite baby brands. You’ll be automatically entered to win their FREE Diapers for 1 Year sweepstakes. Plus, new members will receive a FREE 8×10 Photo Canvas! Join today and see why this is our visitor’s #1 baby freebie! πŸ™‚

Get My Free Baby Stuff from EverydayFamily!

#2 – Free Enfamil Pack ‘n Cool + Enfamil Samples ($325 value)

Free Enfamil Diaper Bag ($325 value)

Get your free Enfamil tote full of Enfamil samples plus a full-size can of Enfamil formula, cooler bag, $60 in Enfamil coupons, more baby samples! The awesome Enfamil Pack ‘n Cool is an insulated cooler bag that includes free baby bottles and a molded ice pack to keep baby formula cool. This is a $325 value!

Get My Free Enfamil Diaper Bag!

#3 – Free Gerber Backpack + Gerber Samples ($114 value)

Free Gerber Diaper Bag filled with Gerber formula samples - $114 value

Join MyGerber and get a Gerber backpack filled with Gerber samples. The free Gerber diaper bag includes; a full size can of GoodStart formula, a Gerber bib, coupons, Gerber formula samples, more! This is a $114 value. Available for U.S. residents only.

Get My Free Gerber Diaper Bag!

#4 – Free Similac Diaper Bag ($329 value)

Free Diaper Bag from Similac

Request your free Similac diaper bag ($329 value). You’ll get 2 full containers of Similac formula, free baby bottle samples, coupons, plus a free Shutterfly photo book.
Available for U.S. residents only.

Get My Free Similac Diaper Bag!

#5 – Nestle Free Diaper Bag – Canada ($130 value)

Nestle Baby Diaper Bag for FREE ($130 value)

Get a Nestle Baby Diaper Bag for FREE. You’ll get free Nestle baby formula, diaper changing pad, Nestle baby samples, coupons, and parenting tips. The Free Nestle Diaper Bag is a $130 value! Available for residents of Canada only.

Get My Free Diaper Bag from Nestle!

#6 – Free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit

Free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit

Go to Gerber.com to print a certificate for a Free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit. The kit includes; 2 free Gerber Good Start formula samples, a Gerber cozy, Gerber Good Start coupons, free Gerber samples, feeding guides, more! Available for U.S. residents only.

Get My Free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit!

UPDATE (11/16/17): The certificate is no longer needed. Pick up the free Gerber Baby Nutrition Kit when you deliver your baby. Call Gerber at 1-800-284-9488 to make sure your hospital participates. Don’t forget to ask the nice service rep to send you some Gerber samples and coupons! πŸ˜‰

Free Diaper Bags at Hospitals and Dr. Offices

Most hospitals will give you a free diaper bag when you deliver your baby. Call your local hospital before your due date to see if they participate. Some hospitals require that you print out a certificate and bring it with you to get your free diaper bag. Your OB/Gyn and Pediatrician are also great resources to get free baby stuff like free diapers, free baby bottles, baby formula samples, etc. Many times they’ll have plenty of baby samples on hand – just ask!

5 Free Diaper Bags by Mail

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  1. gerber does not give out diaper bag or send anything out if you dont get it in the hospital…No diaper bag from enfamil but a bottle coller

  2. @emc, most hospitals will give you a free diaper bag when you deliver your baby. Each hospital has different offers, depending on which formula company they have partnered with. You can also go directly to the formula company website and request a free diaper bag there. πŸ™‚

  3. Most hospitals will not give diaper bags anymore. I just had my little girl 3 weeks ago and nothing and my Sil just had her baby in California and didn’t get one. I did call.similac and enfamil because my daughter has been throwing up alot and they’re both sending me diaper bags and.separate formula samples for upset tummies. It’s best to call them and ask for the Diaper bags.especially if your hospital does not participate because they’re baby friendly breast feeding hospitals.a

  4. Elizabeth – Most hospitals DO give out the free diaper bags. But you’re correct that some hospitals are promoting breastfeeding more and many not offer them. You just need to ask. If your local hospital doesn’t support this program, just call the companies (ie Gerber, Enfamil, Similac) directly to request the bags. πŸ™‚

  5. can I have diaper bags please my first kid and its a real struggle to afford everything this would be perfect please

  6. Ruta, click on the blue links in the post above. The links will take you to the request form. Fill out the form, then the company will send the free diaper bag to you.

  7. I’m trying to get the #2 Free Similac Diaper Bag, but when I click on the blue link below the bag I want it sends me to another web site called EverydayFamily. Pls help me figure out where I have to go or what I have to do to get this Similac Diaper Bag.
    In much need of your help,

  8. In Canada, Nestle sends you a diaper bag and samples, Similac sends you a ton of big size samples and coupons, and Enfamil sends you coupons.
    Gerber is owned by Nestle here, so its the same program as Nestle.
    Heinz also sends out coupons for food when baby is old enough to start on solids.

  9. The only thing you get is some coupons and sample packs of infant formula from enfamil. Oh, and a bunch of spam emails from the companies they sell your email address too. Not worth the hundreds of questions you have to answer and other offers you have to sign up for. Your hospital will give you a bag with a can of formula and sometimes coupons from some companies they use (Johnson and Johnson) and that’s about it. When I had my daughter in December all I got was a bag and my nurses were wonderful and gave us extra diapers, wipes, wash and lotion but it came from the hospitals stash and nothing that Gerber gives to them to give each new mom like they did in 20012 and 2005 when I had my other kids.

  10. I would love to get a tote diaper bag before in go in the hospital to Hfave mt son. I will be be waiting by the mail box. Thank you! Kellie Awtrey

  11. I can belive you can help mom’s like single mother I’m so glad there are companies like this one’s this is my first Baby and I don’t know what to expect so for this reason I thank you

  12. This is my first Baby and I’m on my own, thank you for all your help it is nice to know there’s companies like you helping people like me thank you for you do

  13. I feel like when I click on the blue link and try to get free samples, similac diaper bag, enfamil diaper bad that i am just getting the run around to sign up for a bunch of different things I do not want or need. How do I know if I was able to sign up for the free bag?

  14. Adina, if you filled out the request form and got a “thank you for registering” message then you’ll all set. If there are freebies you’re not interested in, just don’t click that particular checkbox on the form. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks to receive your freebies.

  15. Jess, I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with the freebies you’ve received and the amount of email offers sent to your inbox. But at least it cost you nothing to get FREE stuff. πŸ™‚ Yes, you can request the bags from your local hospital but most of our visitors prefer to sign up online since it’s easier and convenient.

  16. Alice, many hospitals no longer offer this program. That’s why we recommend that you register online directly with the formula companies. Just click on the blue links in the post and it will take you to the online request form. πŸ™‚

  17. Macy, it may take a couple months before you receive your free samples. If you’ve waited 6-8 weeks and still haven’t received them you can call Enfamil, Similac, or Gerber directly. They will look up your account and be able to check to see if your freebies have been shipped or not. πŸ™‚

  18. Now they are not giving away the diaper bags because they stopped promoting formula now they want moms to breast feed their babies

  19. Julia, so glad you got some free formula and samples from Enfamil. Please allow up to 8 weeks to receive your freebies. You can also call the customer service line for Similac and Gerber directly to ask about the shipping status. They’ve been known to mail out samples and coupons just for calling. πŸ™‚

  20. Kelly – yes they are encouraging breastfeeding – but there are many of our visitors who are receiving the free diaper bags. Enfamil has a new diaper bag that contains bottles for pumped (expressed) milk, milk storage bags, and other samples for breastfeeding included with the free formula. You may want to call Enfamil, Similac, and Gerber directly to request free samples. πŸ™‚

  21. I called gerber today and they don’t send out the bags or do the nutrition kits. I called inquiring explaining I’m doing a home birth so instead there gonna send a pregnancy kit but that’s it. Enfamil is making the exception to send me the diaper bag they do for the hospitals since I’m having a home birth. Still have to call similac their closed so have to wait til Monday.

  22. Anastasia, I’m sorry you can’t get the Gerber bag – but at least they’re still sending you freebies. πŸ™‚ Glad to hear you’re getting the Enfamil diaper bag too.

  23. Hi

    Im a new mom and was looking into these free stuff. Enfamil does give you free samples even a box of samples and a cooler bag. No more diaper bags for either of these companies. Similac only sends you a messenger bag and some coupons, nestle and gerber dont give out samples anymore but will send you coupons in the mail.


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