Free Baby Box from Baby Box University

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Free Baby Box from Baby Box University

Did you get your free baby box from Baby Box University yet? The Baby Box Co will send a free baby box as a safe sleep solution for baby. These free baby boxes also include some free baby samples! 😀

Check out what came in my Baby Box from The Baby Box Co:

The Baby Box Co - this free baby box from Baby Box University is a safe sleep solution for baby.  It's a baby bassinet made from sturdy cardboard and comes with free baby samples.

UPDATE (Spring 2022):

U.S. residents – Baby sleep boxes are NO longer available. This may be due to the CPSC ruling (effective Summer 2022) requiring ALL baby bassinets to have legs. 😕

Weird, I know – but you can read about it here.

GOOD NEWS IS … you can still get 27 free baby boxes!.

These free baby boxes are filled with full size baby products and free samples for New Moms. They are NOT for your baby to sleep in.

Finland and European Residents – The popular Finnish baby boxes ARE still available. Keep reading to find out how.

How to Get Your Free Baby Box

1. Register with Baby Box University for free
2. Watch the videos about baby sleep safety
3. Fill out the questionnaire
4. Pick up your baby box at a store OR have it shipped to your home*

NOTES: The free baby box is available in the following countries: USA (some States are limited), Canada, England, and Ireland (limited).

*The baby box will be shipped by FedEx to a local store for FREE pick-up. I got mine at Walgreens. The Baby Box Co can also ship it to your address, but you’ll pay a small shipping fee.

SPECIAL OFFER: Take a picture of your baby in his/her baby box and Baby Box University will send you another free baby gift!

=> Get My Free Baby Box!

Free Finnish Baby Boxes

Expecting Moms in Finland have been receiving free baby boxes from the government since 1938. These free baby sleep boxes are safe and come
filled with baby necessities like clothes and baby care items.

The free maternity package is still available for Finnish Moms. You need to apply for it at least 2 months before your baby’s due date.

=> See what comes in the Free Finnish Baby Box here

Check out my Free Baby Box!

Wondering what might come in your free baby box? Watch my unboxing video below to see what I got. 😀

Free Baby Box from Baby Box University

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Free Baby Box from Baby Box University - get a free baby box that can be used as a baby bassinet for a safe sleep solution.  This free baby box includes free baby samples too!

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13 thoughts on “Free Baby Box from Baby Box University”

  1. Ainhoa, I got the free baby sleep box from a couple years ago. At some point they removed that offer but still had free baby sleep classes online and other baby freebies. I’ve tried to contact them several times with no response and now their site appears to be partially offline. I’m sorry about this and will update the post. Please check out these 27 Free Baby Boxes. They are not “sleep boxes” but they do include full size baby freebies and free baby samples. Hope this helps!

  2. I don’t know how long ago you checked on this but I no longer can find the videos about sleep. I messaged them with no response but they no longer have the bassinet available. The only thing they have now is discounts that I could otherwise find without completing the video

  3. Hello, I signed up & watched a few videos & did a few quizzes but there is no baby sleep safety class. Just baby sleep behavior. Also none of the classes offer the baby box. One offers a diaper bag, one offers post partum depression help, one offers a breast pump through insurance, one offers a belly band, one offers baby shoes & one offers a nursing pillow. None of them offers the baby box.


  5. Esra, the baby box from Baby Box University is free. Did you watch the videos and fill out the quiz first? You CAN have the baby box shipped to your home (for a fee) but you can also pick it up locally with NO shipping charge. I picked up my free baby box at Walgreens. Hope this helps!

  6. hi, thanks again

    babybox, now they want $10 for shipping– i am not sure wort that much money , but thanks 🙂 -this is 2019, so many free stuff at youtube things not working same way anymore, i guess after so many request 😀 they adjusted something 😛

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