Enfamil Free Gifts – $325 in Enfamil Samples, Coupons, more!


Look what I got free from Enfamil! Free Enfamil Gift worth $325!

Enfamil Free Gift ($325 value)

Enfamil Free Gift - Free cooler bag filled with Enfamil samples, coupons, moreRegister with Enfamil to get up to $325 worth of Enfamil free gifts. I signed up and got a free Enfamil Newborn Starter Kit filled with all kinds of goodies! In the weeks that followed I also received many Enfamil samples and coupons. Check out what came in my Enfamil Free Gift below.

Here’s what came in my Enfamil Starter Kit:

  • Black insulated cooler bag
  • Molded ice block (hard-sided freezer pack)
  • 2 Snappies breast milk storage containers (2 oz. each)
  • Enfamil infant formula packets (4-pk)
  • “New Mother’s Breastfeeding Essentials” book
  • “Your New Baby” feeding guide
  • Newborn baby play book
  • Parenting tips cards on baby play ring
  • Babies ‘R Us and Enfamil coupons

I’m SO pleased with my free gift from Enfamil! The Enfamil Pack ‘n Cool is really great. What I like most is that it works well for whether you’re breastfeeding, formula feeding, or doing a little of both. It’s well-made; sturdy, generous in size, and washable. The cooler bag has plenty of room to hold bottles, snacks and other baby feeding essentials. The blue freezer pack is molded so that the storage containers fit snugly against it to keep them nice and cool. You can use the containers for either breastmilk or formula.

The guides are also very helpful with great tips for both breastfeeding and formula feeding. I love that there a couple of toys included for baby! The soft book is visually stimulating with black, white, and red designs and also has a great crinkly noise that babies will love. 😀

==> Click here to get your Free Enfamil Gift!

More Free Stuff from Enfamil

After you sign up, you’ll keep getting freebies. Enfamil may send formula samples that are recommended for your baby’s stage of development. They are great about sending high-value coupons. I’ve received dozens of Enfamil coupons since I signed up. Some of them were $10 certificates, which allowed me to get free cans of Enfamil formula! Here’s a picture of just a couple of coupons and samples I’ve received:

Free can of Enfamil formula, $21.50 in coupons, plus more Enfamil free gifts!

I highly recommend that all new moms join Enfamil Family Beginnings, whether you plan to formula feed or breastfeed. Even if you can’t use all the freebies, you could share them with a friend or a mother in need. 🙂

How to Get your Enfamil Free Gift

There are 3 ways to get free stuff from Enfamil:

*recommended* 1. Register with Enfamil online – This is the easiest and most convenient way to get free Enfamil stuff. Click here to register and fill out the online form. You’ll receive an email confirmation after you sign up. Enfamil will mail your freebies to your home.

2. Call Enfamil directly – Call 1-800-BABY123 to speak to a customer service rep. Request either the Newborn Starter Kit, Enfamil samples, and/or coupons. The representative will ask whether you plan to breastfeed or use formula. They’ll also want to know your baby’s due date / birthday to decide which products would be best for your baby. There may be a limited supply of freebies available when you call, so I suggest you also sign up online to be eligible for upcoming promotions.

3. Pick up your gift at the Hospital – Many hospitals will give you a free diaper bag when you deliver your baby. The diaper bags could be from either Enfamil, Similac, or Gerber. Call your local hospital before your due date to see if they participate. Please note that not all hospitals participate in this program, so you may also decide to register online to ensure you get some freebies.

When Will I Get My Free Stuff from Enfamil?

Allow approximately 6-8 weeks to receive your free Enfamil gift. Please be aware that Enfamil may change their free offer from time-to-time. You may not receive the same Newborn Starter Kit that I did. Some of our visitors have received free diaper bags filled with goodies. Others also got full-size cans of formula and coupons. It just depends on what’s currently available. If you haven’t received your free gift in a few weeks, call Enfamil directly and ask about your order status. Many times they’ll send you free samples and coupons just for asking. 😉

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