15 Awesome Free Baby Products – $669 value!

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Have a baby, one on-the-way, or know someone expecting? Score some awesome freebies for Baby and Mom with this ULTIMATE List of 15 FREE Baby Products!

You can save over $609 with the discounts listed below. Treat yourself to a few of these freebies or stock up on some great baby shower gifts!

15 Free Baby Products ($669 value)

UPDATE (3/14/24): NEW free baby product added. Current total: 16 freebies = $669.65 value! 😀

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#1 Free Carseat Cover – $49.95 value

Free Carseat Cover - $49.95 value! Use code: COVER14 to get a $50 credit at checkout.

Free Carseat Cover – You can get an adorable Carseat Cover for FREE ($49.95 value) from Canopy Couture. Choose the type of fabric you want – either a jersey stretch cover or a muslin cover. There are hundreds of adorable prints for girls and boys – you can even get a NFL themed cover! Pick your favorite design and get a $50 credit when you use code: COVER14 at checkout. The carseat canopy is free, you just pay shipping. 😀

Get Your FREE Carseat Cover here!

#2 Free Baby Sling – $39.95 value

Free Baby Sling - $39.95 value! Use code: SLING14 at checkout.

Free Baby Sling – Carry your baby in comfort and style with a FREE Baby Sling valued at $39.95. There are so many gorgeous prints to choose from! The fabric is very soft and comfortable to wrap your baby in front or to the side. Get your free baby wrap by entering promo code: SLING14 at checkout. Don’t forget, the baby wrap is free, you just pay s&h. 🙂

Get Your FREE Baby Sling here!

#3 Free Nursing Pillow – $39.95 value

Free Nursing Pillow - $39.95 value! Use code: NPILLOW14 at checkout.

Nursing Pillow – A nursing pillow is a MUST HAVE for any new Mom, whether you plan to breastfeed or bottle feed. It’s such a comfortable way to feed and play with your baby. Get your Free Nursing Pillow and choose from dozens of beautiful prints. The nursing pillow is valued at $39.95. Get yours FREE with code: NPILLOW14 – just pay a small shipping fee. It also makes a great baby shower gift! 😀

Get Your FREE Nursing Pillow here!

#4 Free Custom Pacifiers – $30 value

3 Free Custom Pacifiers - $30 value! Use code: PACIFIER14 at checkout.

Free Pacifiers – These pacifiers are simply adorable – a fun way to express your baby’s personality. You’ll get 3 Free Baby Pacifiers, a total value of $30. Choose from dozens of cute designs or create your own custom pacifier. Use code: PACIFIER14 to get 3 pacifiers for FREE (just pay s&h). These pacifiers make great baby gifts!

Get Your 3 FREE Pacifiers here!

#5 Free Nursing Cover – $34.95 value

Free Nursing Cover - $34.95 value! Use code: NCOVER14 at checkout.

Free Nursing Cover – Get a FREE Nursing Cover ($34.95 value) from UdderCovers. These nursing covers provide a discreet and comfortable way to breastfeed your baby. They are made of very soft fabrics like cotton, muslin, and organic material. Choose your favorite print and get a $35 credit with promo code: NCOVER14. The nursing cover will be FREE at checkout, you just pay shipping.

Get Your FREE Nursing Cover here!

#6 Free Maternity Bands – $40 value

Free Maternity Band - $39.95 value! Use code: BAND14 at checkout.

Free Maternity Band – show off your baby bump while still wearing your favorite pants or jeans! Get 2 Free Maternity Bands that add inches to your waist so you can still wear your pre-pregnancy clothes. Or highlight that growing bump with a FREE Maternity Body Band to create a stylish layered look. You can get 2 FREE Belly Button Bands or 1 FREE Maternity Body Band with code: BAND14, a $40 value. These maternity bands can be worn throughout all 3 stages of your pregnancy! The belly bands are FREE, you just pay a small shipping fee.

Get Your FREE Maternity Bands here!

#7 Free Baby Leggings – $50 value

5 Free Pairs of Baby Leggings - $50 value! Use code: 5LEGGINGS14 at checkout.

Free Baby Leggings – Use promo code: 5LEGGINGS14 to get a $50 credit, which means you can choose 5 Pairs of Baby Leggings for FREE. There are over 130 adorable prints to choose from for boys and girls. The sizes range from newborn to big kids! Just pay a small shipping fee and get up to 5 free sets of leggings. 😀

Get Your FREE Baby Leggings here!

#8 FREE Baby Fan Gear – $35 value

Free Baby Fan Gear - $35 value! Use code: FANS14 at checkout.

Free Baby Fan Gear – Get $35 worth of Free Baby Fan Gear for your littlest fan! Show your spirit for your favorite NFL, MLB, or NCAA teams. You can get free baby products like hats, shoes, baby bottles, bibs, pacifiers, sippy cups, blankets, stuffed animals, more! All items feature your favorite team logo. Use code: FANS14 to get a $35 credit towards free baby fan gear. Just pay shipping. 🙂

Get Your FREE Baby Fan Gear here!

#9 Free Nursing Pads – $35 value

10 Free Nursing Pads - washable and reusable. Use code: BPADS14 at checkout to get a $35 credit.

Free Nursing Pads – Nursing mothers can get 10 Free Nursing Pads from BreastPads.com. These pads are washable and reusable since they’re made of 100% cotton. Get a $35 credit with promo code: BPADS14 at checkout. You’ll get 5 FREE Sets of nursing pads in your choice of prints. Just pay a small s&h fee.

Get Your FREE Nursing Pads here!

#10 Free Diaper Covers – $60 value

3 Free Diaper Covers - $59.95 value! Use code: DCOVER14 at checkout.

Free Diaper Covers – You can score 3 FREE Diaper Covers with promo code: DCOVER14. There are dozens of adorable designs for both girls and boys, sizes infant through toddler. We especially love the ruffled bloomers for baby girls! Get a $60 credit and choose 3 Diaper Covers for FREE! Just pay a small s&h fee. 🙂

Get Your 3 FREE Diaper Covers here!

#11 Free Baby Animal Hat – $34.95 value

Free Baby Animal Hat ($34.95 value). Adult sizes available too! Use code: BABYHAT14 at checkout.

Free Animal Hat – Check out these adorable baby animal hats from EskimoKids! Get your FREE Baby Animal Hat valued at $34.95. Choose from several cute animal designs – also available in adult sizes! Get ANY size animal hat for FREE with promo code: BABYHAT14. The hat is free, you just pay shipping. 😀

Get Your FREE Animal Hat here!

#12 Free Nursing Bracelets – $34.95 value

5 Free Nursing Bracelets - $34.95 value! Use code: BANDS14 at checkout.

Free Nursing Bracelets – Keep track of your breastfeeding schedule with 5 Free Nursing Bracelets from Milk Bands. These silicone bracelets help Mom remember which breast she used last to feed her baby. Use promo code: BANDS14 to get 5 FREE Nursing Bracelets. They’re free, you just pay a small shipping fee.

Get Your 5 FREE Nursing Bracelets here!

#13 Free Baby Board Books – $40 value

5 Free Baby Board Books from Babsy - $40 value! Use code: BABSY14 at checkout.

Free Baby Books – Snag your 5 Free Baby Board Books from Babsy. Use code: BABSY14 to get a $40 credit at checkout. The baby books are free, you just pay shipping. These baby books also make great gifts! 🙂

Get Your 5 FREE Baby Books here!

#14 Free Hooded Towel – $34.95 value

Free Hooded Towel - $35 value! Use code: TOWEL14 at checkout.

Free Hooded Towel – Right now you can score a Free Hooded Towel to make bath time fun! There are several unique designs to choose from for everyone in your family, from infant sizes through adult size. Use code: TOWEL14 at checkout for a $35 credit. The hooded towel will be FREE, you just pay shipping.

Get Your FREE Hooded Towel here!

#15 Free Baby Bandana Bibs – $50 value

Free Baby Bandana Bibs - $50 value! Use code: BIBS14 at checkout.

Free Baby Bibs – BabyLeggings.com is now offering these adorable Free Baby Bandana Bibs in 15 different prints. Use code: BIBS14 to get a $50 credit at checkout. You’ll get 5 FREE Bibs, just pay a small s&h fee. 😀

Get Your FREE Baby Bibs here!

NEW! Free Baby Shoes – $60 value

Free Baby Shoes - $60 value! Use code: SHOES14 at checkout.

Free Baby Shoes – Head over to Little Wanderers and score Free Baby Shoes when you use code: SHOES14 ($60 value). Choose from baby moccasins, high-top sneakers, suede leather walkers, baby boots, penny loafers, baby slippers, more. Most shoes sell for $29.99, which means you’ll get 2 Free Pairs! The baby shoes are free, you just pay shipping. 😀

Get Your FREE Baby Shoes here!

15 Free Baby Products ($609 value) - free carseat covers, baby leggings, nursing pillows, baby shoes, more!

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