7 Easy Ways to Get Free Baby Bottle Samples

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How to Get Free Baby Bottles

Want free baby bottle samples? I got 19 baby bottles ($137 value) for FREE – with hardly any effort!

We’re talking free Tommee Tippee bottles, Comotomo bottle samples, free MAM bottle PLUS bottle sampler packs from the best baby bottle brands. Want to know how?

I’ll show you 7 simple ways to get baby bottle samples. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to score free baby bottles! πŸ˜€

free baby bottles

1. Baby Registry Freebies

Did you know you can get free gifts just for creating a baby registry? I recommend registering with at least a couple stores (it’s totally ok to do that)! You can get free diapers, baby bottles, free sippy cup samples, pacifier samples, baby coupons, plus tons of baby samples.

*** This is my favorite way to get free baby stuff! ***

Amazon – Create a baby registry and Amazon will send a free baby box ($35 value)! My box included Avent bottle samples, free diapers, full-size pack of Huggies wipes, Boon sippy cup sample, baby blanket, lots more. Click here to see what came in my Amazon baby box.

Babies ‘R Us (Canada) – Get a free Babies ‘R Us Swag Bag for creating a baby registry. Pick up your gift bag in-store at the customer service desk. My swag bag included a free breast pump, MAM pacifier, free MAM bottle sample, breastmilk storage bags, plus lots of baby samples. Click here to see what came in my Babies ‘R Us gift bag.

UPDATE: Babies ‘R Us stores have closed in the USA but they’re still open in Canada!

BuyBuy Baby – Get a free goody bag when you create a BuyBuy Baby registry. Pick up your gift bag in-store at Customer Service. My free gift had $137 worth of baby freebies like a free Dr Browns bottle, Pampers diapers, wipes and coupons, Avent baby bottle samples, Seventh Generation diaperss, plus free pregnancy stuff.

πŸ”₯ HOT TIP: Bed Bath & Beyond is the sister company of BuyBuy Baby and they have an interchangeable baby registry. So you’ll get access to the same baby products and registry perks at both stores. Which means you could score 2 Free Goody Bags! The Bed Bath & Beyond goody bag contains the same great baby freebies and coupons inside. Woo-hoo!

Motherhood Maternity – Motherhood doesn’t have a traditional baby registry, but you can get a free gift bag if you ask for it in their store. My free Motherhood gift bag included a free Avent bottle sample, magazines, baby samples, plus lots of great baby coupons.

Target – Create a Target baby registry online then pick up a free gift bag at your local store. Target’s gift bags have $80 worth of freebies inside! I received a free Munchkin Latch bottle, MAM pacifier, diapers and wipes samples, plus high-value Target coupons. To see what came in my Target gift bag, click here.

Walmart – Score a free Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box filled with $40 worth of baby freebies, including lots of baby samples! Walmart’s Welcome Baby Box features top brands like; Huggies diapers, Johnson’s Baby samples, Evenflo, NUK samples, Dreft, Dr. Brown’s samples, Enfamil, Pampers, many more. See what came in my Walmart Baby Box here.

FREE BABY BOTTLES I RECEIVED: Free Avent bottles from Amazon, Target and Motherhood Maternity. MAM sample bottle from Babies ‘R Us. Munchkin free samples (bottle sample + free Munchkin pacifier) from Target. Free Dr Browns bottle and Evenflo sample bottle from Walmart. Boon Nursh bottle from Amazon.

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Free baby bottle samples + more baby samples from PINCHme

2. Get Free Sample Boxes

Pinch Me Box – PinchME offers free sample boxes every month. I love PinchMe sample boxes because they give away a variety of samples; health & beauty, food, makeup, pet care and baby samples. So you’ll get a great mix.

Baby samples in past PINCHme boxes included: Enfamil formula samples, Sesame Street shampoo, Gerber formula samples, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, Boon SNUG spout sippy cups, Shea Moisture baby shampoo and lotion, plus diaper samples from various brands.

Nanobebe Sample Kit – Score Nanobebe samples for breastfeeding Moms. The sample box includes; a Nanobebe free sample bottle, free nursing pads, Nanobebe breastmilk storage bags, plus a free pacifier. The Nanobebe sample kit is FREE, you just shipping.

Noobie Box – Expecting Moms can request a free Noobie sample box filled with free stuff and baby samples for Moms. I received a free MAM anti-colic baby bottle, MAM pacifier, Lansinoh breastfeeding storage bags, nursing pads, plus lots more baby samples and coupons. To see what came in my Noobie pregnancy sample box, click here.

MY BABY SAMPLES: I got a MAM sample bottle and free MAM pacifier from Noobie Box, Boon Snug sippy cup sample from PINCHme, plus a Nanobebe free sample kit.

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Free Tommee Tippee Bottles

3. Free Tommee Tippee Bottles

Tommee Tippee Bottle Set – I got a free 3-pc Tommee Tippee baby bottle box from TopCashback. This bottle sample set is valued at $16.88 – what a score! πŸ˜€

Follow these 4 simple steps to get yours:

  1. Create a TopCashback account (FREE to join!)
  2. Visit the Tommee Tippee offer page here
  3. Buy the bottle set for $16.88 at Walmart.com
  4. Redeem $16.88 cashback from TopCashback (making it FREE!)

The details: I ordered the 3-pc Tommee Tippee Bottle Sample Pack for $16.88 online from Walmart.

Then I chose the “free pickup” option and got it from my local Walmart the SAME day!

About a week or 2 later, TopCashback deposited $16.88 in my account. Which means I got 3 Tommee Tippee bottles for FREE.

SO simple.

=> Get Your Tommee Tippee Set today! (limited time offer)

NOTES: This offer is for NEW TopCashback members only. Their new customer offers may change from time to time.

For example, you can also get a FREE Pack of Pampers Swaddlers ($9.99 value).

Missed out on the free Tommee Tippee bottles set?

No worries! Amazon has the best price for cheap Tommmee Tippee bottles.

In fact, this 6-pc Tommee Tippee baby bottle variety pack is 42% off right now – what a deal!

NOTE: UK residents can get a Free Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Set here.

free gift cards for baby stuff like baby bottles, diapers, more!

4. Free Gift Cards = Free Baby Bottles!

I love this money-saving hack; earn free gift cards and then redeem them for free baby bottles. Or use the gift cards for something else, they’re FREE! Here are a few ways you can get gift cards easily:

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) – Join Rakuten to get a FREE $30 gift card to Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, or choose another store. Plus, earn up to 40% cash back when you shop through Rakuten at over 2,500 retailers. I quickly earned a $30 gift card and used it to get free Avent bottles at Target.

Shopkick – Shopkick is my favorite app! You earn “kicks” while shopping and redeem them for free gift cards (up to $100 value). I earned a free $10 gift card just for scanning bar codes on products. I used the gift card to get a free Philips Avent bottle at Walmart. Earning kicks is super easy and kinda fun! πŸ˜€

Swagbucks – Swagbucks is another easy way to get free Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash. You earn Swagbucks for watching videos, searching online, even playing games! Swagbucks is free to join and they’ll give you a Free $5 Bonus to get started.

I SCORED THESE FREE BABY BOTTLES: Philips Avent bottle by redeeming a free $10 Walmart gift card from Shopkick. Another Avent baby bottle at Target using the free $10 from Rakuten.

free baby bottles inside diaper bags

5. Freebies from Formula Companies

Whether you plan on breastfeeding or formula feeding, it’s a great idea to register with the formula companies. Many of them send free diaper bags filled with free baby bottles and baby samples.

Similac – Join Similac StrongMoms and get up to $400 in free offers. You’ll get free cans of Similac formula, baby formula samples, Similac baby bottles, high-value Similac coupons, plus a free Shutterfly photo book.

Enfamil – Join Enfamil Family Beginnings and get up to $400 in FREE gifts including coupons, formula samples, Belly Badges, more. My free Enfamil gift also included the 2 breastfeeding storage bottles pictured above.

free baby bottles from Enfamil

You can also register with Gerber and Nestle for more free baby stuff.

BABY BOTTLES I RECEIVED: 2 Snappies breastfeeding storage containers from Enfamil. Just twist on a disposable nipple to use as baby bottles for pumped breastmilk.

free baby samples for doctors offices

6. Ask Your Doctor / Local Hospital

When you deliver your baby at the hospital, they’ll provide the baby essentials for your stay. You can take most of the baby items they leave in your room and even ask the nurses for more baby bottle samples if they have any. Many hospitals provide free diaper bags filled with baby samples to new Moms. Also, don’t forget to check with your OB/GYN and your baby’s pediatrician. Sometimes they have free baby bottle samples or other baby freebies available. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

free dr brown bottles + avent baby bottles

7. Free Baby Bottle Samples from Manufacturers

My 4 best tips for getting free baby products and samples:

  1. Request baby samples and coupons directly from the Manufacturer
  2. Call their 1-800 phone number, send an email, or message them on social media requesting samples or coupons. Most times they’re happy to send something – so don’t be afraid to ask! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
  3. Become a Product Tester
  4. Many baby companies are looking for product testers. They’ll send you free baby products to keep in exchange for your opinion. Check out the list below for product testing opportunities.
  5. Be an Influencer or Ambassador
  6. Have a social media following? If you have a decent social media presence, many companies will send you FREE baby products or offer special giveaways to promote to your fans. Check out Lindsay Silberman’s “Influencer’s Secrets” for tips and tricks.
  7. Join Newsletters + Baby Clubs
  8. Most baby companies have a sign up form on their site. Usually it means joining their Newsletter or registering with their baby club. This is a great way to get exclusive offers like free sampling programs, giveaways, coupons and special sales.

Check out these baby bottle companies for freebies + special offers:

Bare BPA Free
Phone: 1-646-389-9496
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up

Phone: 1-877-424-4226
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up

Phone: 1-800-890-6895
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up

Dr Brown’s Samples
Phone: 1-800-778-9001
Email: contact form
Dr. Brown’s Product Testing: apply here

Phone: 1-800-233-5921
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up

Phone: 1-800-284-9488
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up

Phone: 1-800-292-4794
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up
Lansinoh Product Testing: apply here

MAM Bottle Samples
Phone: 1-866-949-1174
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up

Phone: 1-800-435-8316
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up

Munchkin Free Samples
Phone: 1-800-344-2229
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up
Munchkin Product Testing: apply here

NUK Samples
Phone: 1-888-NUK-1238
Email: contact form
Newsletter: sign up

Philips Avent
Phone: 1-800-542-8368
Newsletter: sign up

Phone: 1-888-310-4290
Email: contact form

Tommee Tippee
Phone: 1-877-248-6922
Email: contact form
Giveaways: Enter to win Free Tommee Tippee Bottles on their Facebook page

*This is just a short list to get you started. I focused primarily on baby bottles and feeding product Manufacturers.

But there are literally HUNDREDS of baby companies offering a variety of free baby products and samples.

FEATURED: 65 Baby Clubs to Join for Free Baby Stuff

FREE BOTTLE SAMPLES RECEIVED: The only company I contacted from the list was Dr. Browns. They sent me 2 free Dr. Brown’s bottles by mail, just from a simple email I sent. There are so many more freebies to request, I just haven’t made the time. 😞

Cheap Baby Bottles

Even though you’ll get some baby bottles for free, chances are you’ll probably need more!

Here are a few tips to get baby bottles for cheap:

  1. Buy a baby bottle variety pack to save money
  2. You’ll get baby bottles cheaper when you buy a larger baby bottle set.
  3. Get baby bottles at Dollar Tree
  4. Did you know Dollar Tree has cute Sesame Street bottles and cheap sippy cups? You can even buy baby bottles in bulk – just $12 a dozen (+ Free Shipping!)
  5. Buy baby bottles on Sale or Clearance
  6. Walmart is the best place to get cheap baby bottles on clearance. Target usually has good baby bottle sales!
  7. Consider Used Baby Bottles
  8. Ask a friend if she has any used baby bottles she no longer needs. Bottles are generally considered safe once sterilized. You can also buy used and NEW baby bottles on Ebay or Facebook Marketplace.
  9. Try a baby bottle sample pack that includes DIFFERENT bottle brands
  10. This is a great way to find the perfect baby bottle for your newborn.

Here’s how to get a baby bottle sampler (5 bottles):

babylist bottle box

Babylist Bottle Sampler Pack

My #1 recommendation is the BabyList Bottle Box. Why?

Because this Baby Bottle Box lets you try out the BEST baby bottle brands for 2024. These bottles are expensive, but the Baby list baby box deal makes them CHEAP baby bottles!

What Comes in the Babylist Bottle Box?

The BabyList Bottle Sampler includes these 5 bottles:

  • Comotomo sample bottle 5 oz ($13.99 value)
  • NUK baby bottle 5 oz ($6.99 value)
  • Dr Brown’s bottle 4 oz ($7.99 value)
  • Olababy bottle 4 oz ($14.95 value)
  • Nanobebe free sample bottle 5 oz ($7.99 value)

If you bought these baby bottles separately, it would cost over $50 – Ouch!

=> Get 40% off a BabyList Bottle Box (while supplies last)

πŸ”₯ HOT TIP: Don’t forget to snag your Free Hello Baby Box from Babylist while you’re there!

My Babylist box had $129 worth of free baby stuff inside AND a $10 credit that I used to snag a Boon Nursh silicone pouch bottle for FREE! (details here)

So there you have it – 7 easy ways to get free baby bottle samples. What are you waiting for? Snag your baby bottles today!

Watch the video:
free baby bottles samples

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