57 Free Breastfeeding Supplies + Samples for Nursing Moms

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Free Breastfeeding Supplies + Samples

Want free breastfeeding products, samples, and breastfeeding support for nursing Moms? You’ve come to the right place!

New Moms and pregnant women can score 50+ breastfeeding freebies right now!

Whether you’re currently breastfeeding, supplementing, or just thinking about it – these freebies will definitely help. 😀

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Breastfeeding Freebies (from Baby Registries)

The EASIEST way I’ve found to get free breastfeeding supplies is from baby registry gifts.

Just create a baby registry and you’ll get a free welcome box filled with awesome products and samples for Mom & Baby.

Here are my FAVORITE baby registry freebies with breastfeeding samples (and MORE) inside:

Amazon Welcome Box

Free Amazon Baby Box

Amazon Prime members can score a Free Amazon Baby Box ($35 value) for creating an Amazon baby registry.

Not a Prime member? No worries – you can get a free 30 day trial here.

The Amazon welcome box has over $35 worth of free baby stuff! I got Huggies diapers and wipes, a free baby blanket, Munchkin Latch nursing pads, Avent breast pad samples (1 set for Day + 1 set for Night), Avent breastfeeding guide, Pampers diapers, plus lots more baby samples.

See what came in my Amazon baby welcome box here.

=> Get My Free Amazon Baby Box!

Free Hello Baby Box from Babylist

free breastfeeding supplies

The Free Hello Baby Box from BabyList is one of my favorite baby freebies! I was THRILLED with what came in my Babylist box.

I got free Pampers diapers, infant sun hat, Burt’s Bees burp cloth, even a free Kiinde starter kit ($50 value!)

Free breastfeeding samples included; a Lansinoh sample pack (Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads, Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags, and Lansinoh HPA Lanolin nipple cream), free Kiinde twist pouches, plus a Bamboobies nipple cream sample.

All you need to do is create a free BabyList registry to be eligible for the baby sample box.

=> Get My Free Babylist Box!

Buy Buy Baby Registry Goody Bag

buy buy baby registry gift

BuyBuy Baby gives out Free Gift Bags jam-packed with free baby stuff and high-value coupons.

My BuyBuy Baby registry gift had over $137 in full size baby products, pregnancy samples, and Buy Buy Baby coupons inside – it’s one of my favorite baby freebies! 😀

I really like the Dr. Brown’s bottles (great for pumped milk) and the Dapple breast pump cleaner.

To score your free baby gifts, just create a registry online and then pick up your goody bag at your Buy Buy Baby store.

=> Get My Free Buy Buy Baby Gift Bag!

Bed Bath & Beyond Baby Gifts

free breastfeeding samples

I was surprised to learn that Bed Bath & Beyond has a baby registry. Did you know that?

Bed Bath & Beyond is the sister store of Buy Buy Baby, one of the best places for a wide range of baby products.

Which means you can scoop up a free goody bag at Bed Bath & Beyond too. Woo-hoo!

=> Get My Free Baby Registry Gift from BBB

🤫 Psst … I got a great deal on Medela Pump In Style (aka the BEST breast pump) here.

Target Baby Registry Gift Bag

Free Target Baby Registry Gift Bag

You can get a FREE Target Baby Gift Bag ($120 value) for creating a Target baby registry.

My Target baby registry gift included Honest Company diapers, Aveeno baby lotion, Avent baby bottle, free NUK pacifier plus lots more baby samples and Target baby coupons.

I loved the free Lansinoh samples and Mustela nursing comfort balm – a MUST for breastfeeding Moms!

Create your baby registry online, then pick up your Target welcome bag in-store.

=> Get My Free Target Baby Registry Gift!

You can score more free gifts from these baby registries:

Babies ‘R Us (Canada only) – I received a free Kiinde breastfeeding starter pack plus lots more baby samples in my goody bag.

Motherhood Maternity – I got vouchers for free breastfeeding products like a breastfeeding pillow, nursing blanket, free breast pads, more. Join their Preggie Perks program to get up $1500 in special offers!

WalmartMy Walmart baby box included over $40 in baby freebies, including a Nanobebe breastmilk bottle starter set. bio oil for stretch marks – link on Walmart?

I also received a free Dr. Brown’s bottles which are made to fit most breast pumps for expressing breast milk.

Free Baby Boxes (jam-packed with baby samples!)

Another great way to score free breastfeeding supplies is by requesting baby sample boxes.

Typical baby boxes include tons of free stuff like; diaper samples, free baby formula, pregnancy samples, free baby clothes, breastfeeding samples, more!

Here are my favorite sample boxes for Moms welcoming a new baby:

Hey Milestone Baby Box (formerly Noobie Box)

hey milestone baby box

I’m in LOVE with the free baby stuff I got from Hey Milestone! Btw, Hey Milestone is the new name of the Noobie box (one of my FAVES!)

Choose up to 3 free boxes – the Hey Milestone Pregnancy Box, Newborn Sample Box or Nutrition Box. I chose their free pregnancy box (see photo above).

As you see, I got many full size products for Mom and Baby like free diapers (Cuties samples), a Herobility bottle, Medela pacifiers, Oilogic baby sleep spray, plus LOTS more baby samples and coupons!

Breastfeeding samples included; Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags, disposable nursing pads, and Lansinoh nipple cream. I also got a free sample of UpSpring Milkflow Lactation Supplement drink mix.

The Hey Milestone Baby Box is free, you just pay shipping. My sample box was loaded with freebies and high-value coupons, so I think it’s totally worth it!

=> Get My Free Hey Milestone Box

My previous Noobie box included Bessie’s Best lactation cookies, free MAM bottle and pacifier, plus free Lansinoh samples.

Enfamil Wonder Box

Enfamil - Free Baby Box

Join Enfamil Family Beginnings and get up to $400 in FREE gifts including coupons, formula samples, Belly Badges™, and more.

I recommend that ALL Moms request these Enfamil freebies because you may end up supplementing with formula. It’s great to have formula samples on hand just in case.

Plus, Enfamil has included free breastfeeding samples to encourage nursing. For example, I got free Snappies breast milk storage containers in my free Enfamil gift.

=> Get My Free Enfamil Welcome Box!

Free Lansinoh Samples

lansinoh breastfeeding starter set

You could get a FREE Lansinoh Breastfeeding Starter Set ($50 value!) This kit includes; 25 Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 1 Lanolin Nipple Cream, 2 TheraPearl Breast Therapy Packs, 48 Disposable Nursing Pads, and 1 Silicone Breast Pump.

Lansinoh Samples – I got SO MANY free Lansinoh sample packs in various baby sample boxes. These Lansinoh sample kits include free nursing pads, lanolin samples, and free breast milk storage bags.

Score Lansinoh samples (+ Lansinoh coupons) here:

You can also join the Lansinoh Moms Club for special offers, giveaways and to test Lansinoh products. Or contact Lansinoh to request more samples and Lansinoh coupons.

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Free Gerber Baby Gift Box

Free Diaper Bag from Gerber with Gerber samples + coupons inside

Don’t forget to register with MyGerber to get free formula, Gerber samples, baby coupons, and even free breastfeeding supplies. My free Gerber gift included a breastfeeding blanket!

You can also email or call customer service to request Gerber samples and coupons.

=> Get a Free Gerber Baby Gift Box

*You can get free formula samples from other formula companies like Similac, Kabrita, Nestle, etc. They offer free infant formula plus more free baby items for New and Expecting Moms.

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Medela Starter Kit

Medela Starter Kit

Snag a free Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kit when you join the Medela Mom’s Room. Just fill out the short form.

The Medela sample box includes; free breast milk storage bags, disposable nursing pads, quick clean micro-steam bag, and tender care lanolin cream. Allow up to 6 weeks to receive your free Medela samples.

=> Get My Medela Starter Kit

🔥 HOT DEAL: Get a FREE Medela Breast Pump here!

Free Breastfeeding Samples

[ image here ]

You can also score free samples from the companies who make breastfeeding products. Check out these:

Avent – Subscribe to Philips Avent emails for exclusive offers. You’ll get an instant 15% off Avent coupon plus save up to 40% off Avent baby products.

Philips Avent MomSpace – Earn free products, sampling opportunities

I got free Avent nursing pads in my Amazon Baby Registry gift, plus several free Avent baby bottles here!

Bamboobies – Get a free pair of washable nursing pads with any purchase (no coupon necessary). I got free samples of Bamboobies Nipple Balm in my free Hello Baby box.

Sign up for the Bamboobies newsletter or text alerts to get a 40% Bamboobies coupon instantly!

Dapple Baby – I got a free sample of Dapple breast pump cleaner and Dapple baby coupons in my Buy Buy Baby free goody bag.

Then I used this $5 Dapple coupon to get Dapple baby dish soap for FREE at Walmart. Score!

Dr. Browns – Get free nipple shield samples. Fill out a short survey to see if you’re eligible to get Dr. Brown’s nipple shields in exchange for your opinion.

I scored 5 free Dr. Brown’s baby bottles, which are one of the best bottles for breastfed babies if you’re pumping breastmilk!

Kiinde – Score a free Kiinde Breastfeeding Starter pack ($49.99 value) when you join the Kiinde baby club.

The Kiinde Starter Kit is free, you just pay $5.99 shipping. BUT – you can offset most of the shipping cost with their referral program.

Give $5, Get $5 when you refer a friend to Kiinde. Your friend is also eligible for a free Kiinde breastfeeding pack!

I also got a Free Kiinde Starter Kit in the Hello Baby Box and the Babies ‘R Us gift bag.

MAM – Join the MAM Club to get a free pregnancy calendar, 20% off MAM coupon plus win MAM prizes. You can also test new MAM products, including breastfeeding supplies.

I got free MAM bottles and MAM pacifiers in my Noobie Boxes and my Amazon Baby Welcome Box.

Munchkin – I got free Munchkin nursing pads in my Amazon baby box. Plus I scored 3 free Munchkin Latch baby bottles here!

Sign up for Munchkin emails to be notified when they offer samples and giveaways. They’ve offered samples of Munchkin Milkmakers lactation cookies and drink mixes in the past.

Munchkin has also teamed up with B2K marketing for you to test and keep free Munchkin baby products.

Mustela – Get free Mustela samples by signing up for their newsletter.

I got Free Mustela samples in the Buy Buy Baby goody bag. My Target Baby registry gift bag also included Mustela Hydra Bebe body lotion and Mustela coupons.

Nanobébé – Get a free Nanobébé Starter Set full of breastfeeding samples and more baby freebies.

The Nanobébé Sample Kit includes; a Nanobebe bottle, free nursing pads, Nanobebe breastmilk bags, plus a free pacifier. The Nanobebe sample kit is FREE, you just pay shipping.

I also got a Nanobebe starter set in my Hey Milestone Free Box and in the Walmart Baby Registry Box (no shipping cost).

Noodle & Boo – Request a free sample pack of Noodle & Boo baby and beauty products for Mom. They’re plant-based, hypoallergenic and pediatrician tested. Sample includes; Newborn 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash, Super Soft Lotion, and Elasticity Oil for Mama!

Palmer’s – Not only does Palmer’s Massage Lotion work well on your belly, many Moms use it for stretch marks on their breasts too!

Here’s where I got Palmer’s stretch mark lotion samples; Free Babylist Box, Buy Buy Baby Goody Bag, and the Walmart Baby Box.

You can also get a free travel size Palmer’s Stretch Mark Lotion from BellyBandit.

Pregnancy & Newborn – Join the P&N Sample Club. In addition to baby samples, they also offer free breastfeeding supplies and giveaways. Last I checked they had a Luna breast pump giveaway, a Kiinde Twist starter pack, plus free breastfeeding classes.

Free Breastfeeding Samples from Hospitals

Hospitals provide free diapers, wipes, newborn blankets, baby samples and postpartum care items during your stay. They usually have nursing pads, lanolin cream, nursing pads, and free nipple shields for breastfeeding Moms.

Before leaving the hospital, ask your Nurse if there are any breastfeeding samples or supplies you can take home. I got a free manual breast pump, nipple shields, and the electric pump parts from the hospital grade breast pump I used.

I also got lots of diaper samples, wipes, baby lotion, baby shampoo samples, etc. Most times the Nurses are more than happy to send you home with freebies, so don’t be afraid to ask! 😁

Free Breast Pump

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are required to provide a FREE breast pump for new mothers (see the U.S. Department of Health guidance here).

Most health insurance plans cover electric breast pumps and manual breast pumps for free – no copays or cost to you.

free breast pump

How to Get a Free Breast Pump through Insurance

You could call your insurance company and work through your health care provider, but there’s an even EASIER way!

Aeroflow is a fantastic company that will do all the work for you – for FREE. They contact your insurance company and fill out all the required forms, saving you lots of time and hassles.

You can get high quality breast pumps (even a hospital-grade breast pump) from brands like Medela, Spectra, Lansinoh, Elvie, Ameda, Motif, Evenflo, Zomee, Willow, Freemie, more!

Aeroflow Breastpumps works with most health insurance plans. Once approved, they’ll send the free breastpump straight to your door – free shipping included. How easy is that?

=> Request your FREE Breast Pump here!

Don’t have insurance? The good news is you still have options!

Find out how to get a free breast pump WITHOUT insurance here.

Free Breastfeeding Supplies through Insurance

free breastfeeding supplies

In addition to free breast pumps, expecting Moms and new parents may be eligible to get more freebies through insurance.

Some will provide free nursing bras, maternity belts, compression socks, postpartum garments, etc. Check out

ALL free maternity items here (might be covered by insurance).

Free Breastfeeding Products

What’s better than free baby samples? How about FULL SIZE breastfeeding products for free!

A great place to get free products is Mothers Lounge. They offer breastfeeding pillows, nursing blankets, breastfeeding bracelets, baby gear, more!

Check out their awesome breastfeeding freebies:

Free Nursing Pillow – $39.95 value

Free Nursing Pillow - $39.95 value! Use code: FREEBIES4BABY at checkout.

Nursing Pillow – Get a Free Breastfeeding Pillow (similar to a Boppy pillow) worth $39.95.

You can choose from dozens of gorgeous prints! Use code: FREEBIES4BABY at checkout.

The nursing pillow is free, you just pay for shipping. These also make a great baby shower gift!

Free Nursing Cover – $34.95 value

Free Nursing Cover - $34.95 value! Use code: FREEBIES4BABY at checkout.

Udder Covers – Nurse your baby discreetly with a FREE Udder Cover ($34.95 value). These breastfeeding covers are so stylish and super soft!

Choose your favorite print and use code: FREEBIES4BABY to get a $35 discount. The subtotal will be $0.00. Then just pay for s&h.

Free Carseat Cover / Nursing Cover – $49.95 value

Free Carseat Cover - $49.95 value! Use code: FREEBIES4BABY to get a $50 credit at checkout.

Carseat Couture – Keep your baby comfortable and protected from the elements with a Free Carseat Cover ($49.95 value). It also doubles as a nursing cover!

Choose your favorite design from dozens of gorgeous prints. You can ever customize your cover with baby’s name.

Score a $50 credit when you use code: FREEBIES4BABY at checkout. The carseat cover is free, you just pay shipping.

Free Nursing Pads – $35.00 value

10 Free Pairs of Nursing Pads - washable and reusable. Use code: FREEBIES4BABY at checkout to get a $35 credit.

BreastPads.com – Breastfeeding Moms can get 10 Free Sets of Nursing Pads in their choice of adorable prints. These free breast pads are reusable.

They’re made of 100% cotton and very comfortable. Just throw them in the wash and you’re good to go!

The nursing pads are free, you just pay shipping. Use code: FREEBIES4BABY to get a $35 credit.

Free Nursing Bracelets – $34.95 value

5 Free Nursing Bracelets - $34.95 value! Use code: FREEBIES4BABY at checkout.

Milk Bands – Snag 5 Free Nursing Bracelets from Milk Bands. These breastfeeding bracelets help Mom remember which breast baby fed from last by turning the milk band inside-out. Get 5 free Milk Bands with code: FREEBIES4BABY. They’re free, just pay shipping.

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Free Gift Cards = Awesome Free Stuff!

My not-so-big SECRET is to earn gift cards and redeem them for free stuff.

I get free diapers, baby bottles, nursing pads, baby clothes, all kinds of free stuff this way.

It’s much easier than you think. And kinda fun, too!

Here are my 2 favorite ways:

1. Join Free Baby Clubs to Get Rewards

  • Huggies – Join Huggies Rewards to get a free Amazon gift card at sign up (4,000 bonus points).Easily earn more points on Huggies diapers and wipes purchases. Redeem Huggies points for free gift cards to your favorite stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, more.This is a great way to get free breastfeeding supplies, diapers – or whatever you want!
  • Pampers – Sign up for the Pampers Club to earn points on every Pampers purchase. Turn these points into Pampers Cash or free gift cards.Then use the gift cards to get free baby products (or whatever else you need!)

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2. Earn Free Gift Cards for Shopping

free gift cards

I 💓 getting paid to shop! It’s super easy with free money saving apps.

Here are my 3 favorites:

  • Rakuten – Join Rakuten (formerly Ebates) to get a Free $30 gift card to Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, more.You’ll earn up to 40% cash back at over 2,500 retailers – both online and in store! Refer a friend and they’ll get a $30 bonus too – talk about a Win-Win!
  • Fetch – Earn free gift cards for just uploading your receipts! Use receipts from ANY of these stores; groceries, warehouse clubs, dollar stores, convenience stores, drug stores … even liquor stores. 😉Fetch points can be redeemed for free gift cards or PayPal cash. You can get gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Panera, Target, plus many others.Earn more Fetch points for referring friends – Give your friend 4,000 points ($4 value) and you’ll get 4,000 points for each referral.Use my Fetch code: Q8NJV to get your first $4 bonus.
  • Shopkick – Another one of my favorite money saving apps in Shopkick. It’s easy to earn points that can be redeemed for free gift cards.You get “kicks” for just walking in to your favorite stores! Plus, earn more kicks for scanning UPC codes. It’s fun and kind of addicting. 😜I got lots of free baby stuff like free breastfeeding pads, baby bottles and diapers with Shopkick points. My favorite places to redeem free gift cards are at CVS, Walgreens and Target.Get 250 free kicks when you join Shopkick today!


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Breastfeeding Support

There is so much breastfeeding help available, I may have to dedicate a whole post to it.

But for now, here are few ways you can get free breastfeeding support – IN person and online.

free lactation consultant

Free Lactation Consultant

Most hospitals offer free breastfeeding support. Typically, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant meets with you in the first 12 – 24 hours after giving birth.

These lactation consultations are free, covered by insurance. You may qualify for free lactation consultant visits at HOME too (or with a small copay).

Breastfeeding Moms can also get breastfeeding help from Medela. You’ll get access to their free lactation consultants even if you don’t currently use Medela products.

Psst … Don’t forget to scoop up your Free Medela Starter Kit here!

Free Breastfeeding Books

Free Kindle Books about Breastfeeding

Start a Free 30 day trial of Kindle Unlimited to get access to unlimited books, including popular breastfeeding titles like;

LACTIVATE!: A User’s Guide To Breastfeeding

Latch: A Handbook for Breastfeeding with Confidence at Every Stage

Breastfeeding: Empowering Parents

Mother Food: A Breastfeeding Diet Guide with Lactogenic Foods and Herbs

First-Time Mom’s Breastfeeding Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide from First Latch to Weaning

=> More Free Kindle Books about Breastfeeding

Don’t have a Kindle?

No worries! Download the Free Kindle App to read e-books on your iOS or Android device. Or use the Kindle app for PC or MAC to read ebooks on your computer.

Free Audio Books about Breastfeeding

The best place I’ve found free audio books about breastfeeding is Audible (owned by Amazon). If you don’t have Audible, get a Free 30 day Audible trial here.

Check out these popular titles:

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers

Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding

Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family

Work. Pump. Repeat.: The New Mom’s Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work

=> More Free Audible books about Breastfeeding

free breastfeeding books

AudioBooks – Get 3 free audiobooks when you sign up for a 30 day free trial. Access a premium library of more than 350,000 books, 10,000+ free audiobooks and 100+ million podcast episodes.

=> Browse ALL Breastfeeding AudioBooks

Free Breastfeeding Music

free breastfeeding music

Amazon Music Unlimited – Get unlimited access to 90 million songs with a Free 30 Day Trial of Amazon Music streaming service.

Browse these free breastfeeding music downloads. Don’t forget to check out their free baby lullaby music too!

BreastMilkCounts – Get free downloadable lullabies to listen to while breastfeeding.

Milky Mama – free sample track of Milky Mama Meditation. It’s sure to to calm and relax you while promoting your breast milk supply!

Spotify – Browse a collection of breastfeeding music and breastfeeding podcasts on Spotify.

Free Breastfeeding Apps

free breastfeeding apps

There are many breastfeeding apps available, but not all are free.

Here are my top 5 FREE Breastfeeding Apps:

  1. Baby Breastfeeding TrackeriPhone | Android
  2. LactAppiPhone | Android
  3. MyMedelaiPhone | Android
  4. Baby Feed Timer – BreastfeedingiPhone | Android
  5. Breastfeeding Newborn TrackeriPhone | Android

I hope you get LOTS of free breastfeeding supplies! Join my newsletter to find out when more breastfeeding freebies are available! 😀

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Free Samples for New Moms

PinchME free baby boxes

PINCHme is one of my favorite ways to get free stuff.

Though not specifically made for nursing Mothers, PinchMe offers awesome freebies for ALL Moms.

You’ll get sample boxes filled with health & beauty stuff, free food, makeup samples, pet freebies, and free baby samples. They give out a wide variety of samples every month.

That’s why I ❤️ Pinchme, and I know you will too!

=> Get My PinchMe Box!

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