14 Free Baby Magazines + Parenting Magazines

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Did you know that you can get FREE baby magazines and parenting magazine subscriptions? There are 14 free magazine subscriptions for new Moms available right now.

You’re probably thinking, is this legit? Absolutely.

Check out my photo below to see the free baby magazines I personally received.

Free baby magazines + free parenting magazines
Free baby magazines that came in my mailbox

I got free subscriptions to Parents, American Baby, and Family Fun magazines. They were delivered right to my door. No hassles or strings attached.

The GREAT NEWS is there are plenty of free magazine subscriptions available! Here’s how to get them:

How to Get Free Magazines

Not only can you get free parenting magazines but there are lots of other free magazine subscriptions available.

I’ve also received free subscriptions to Family Circle, People, Woman’s Day, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, lots more!

Do you want free home, fitness, and Women’s magazines like these?

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By Mail: You can get many of the free magazines by mail, delivered straight to your door. Please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your first issue.

Online: I’ve also included a few free digital magazine subscriptions in this list. These free magazines are available instantly online. So convenient!

I’ve created this HUGE list of 14 free baby magazines and parenting magazines. Don’t forget, you can get dozens of Women’s and home magazines too!

Just scroll down the list or “jump to” the magazines you’re interested in.

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Free Baby Magazines

1. American Baby Magazine

Free Baby Magazine Subscription to American Baby

American Baby – Request a free subscription to American Baby. You’ll get 12 free issues, no strings attached. You’ll won’t be billed.

UPDATE (7-21-19): American Baby magazine is part of the Parents network. It’s no longer available in printed format but you can get a free digital subscription to American Baby magazine online.

2. Your Baby Magazine

Free Your Baby magazine subscription

Your Baby – Request a free subscription to Your Baby magazine from Magzter. You’ll get unlimited access to Your Baby magazine plus over 5,000 other digital magazine subcriptions!

3. Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Free Pregnancy & Newborn magazine subscription

Pregnancy & Newborn – Pregnancy & Newborn is a print magazine and online community that embraces the trials and triumphs of motherhood. You can get a free print issue of Pregnancy & Newborn magazine or free access to hundreds of parenting articles online.

Free Pregnancy Magazines

4. Pregnancy Magazine

Free Pregnancy Magazine Subscription + Free Baby Magazines

Pregnancy Magazine – Get a free 1 year subscription to Pregnancy Magazine. This is a digital subscription, so you can instantly download issues to your iPad, iPhone, Android, or Kindle device. In addition to 11 free Pregnancy Magazines, you’ll also get access to their Special Edition Buyers’ Guide.

5. Fit Pregnancy and Baby Magazine

Free Baby Magazine Subscription to Fit Pregnancy and Baby

Fit Pregnancy and Baby – Request a free subscription to Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazine. You’ll get 12 free issues. Completely free, no strings attached. Allow 6-8 weeks to receive your first free baby magazine.

UPDATE (7-21-19): Fit Pregnancy & Baby Magazine has moved into a special section of Parents magazine starting with the March 2018 edition. The 16-page section (now called Parents Baby) will be printed every other month targeting millennial women, especially expecting and new moms.

6. The Bump Magazine

The Bump Magazine - free pregnancy magazine subscription

The Bump – I’m sure you’ve read The Bump magazine at your local OB/Gyn office. It’s a local guide full of pregnancy advice, stylish ideas and the best local deals. But now you can get access to The Bump magazine online, and for FREE!

7. Your Pregnancy Magazine

Free Your Pregnancy magazine subscription

Your Pregnancy – Request a free bi-monthly subscription of Your Pregnancy magazine, courtesy of Magzter. You’ll get unlimited access to Your Pregnancy plus over 5,000 other digital magazines!

8. Empowering Birth Magazine

Free Empowering Birth Magazine subscription

Empowering Birth Magazine – Get the full bundle of all Empowering Birth magazine issues for FREE. 60+ pages of positive, holistic articles, recipes, stories, real truth (without the fluff) plus stunning visuals of bumps and babies to feast your eyes on!

Free Parenting Magazines

9. Parents Magazine

Free Baby Magazines + Parenting Magazines - Free Subscription to Parents magazine

Parents Magazine – Get a free 1 year subscription to Parents Magazine, courtesy of FreeBizMags. You’ll need to fill out a short job survey and you’ll get access to more free magazine subscriptions if interested.

Free Baby MagazinesSPECIAL OFFER: Get a 3 Year Subscription to Parents for only $12! You’ll save $72 plus use code: FREESHIP to get free shipping!

10. Kiwi Magazine

Free Kiwi magazine subscription

Kiwi Magazine – Get a free Kiwi magazine subscription. Past Kiwi magazine issues are instantly available as a free digital subscription online.

11. Family Fun Magazine

Free Family Fun subscription + 6 Free Baby Magazines

Family Fun – Fill out the form to get 8 free issues of Family Fun Magazine. Offer courtesy of FreeBizMags. Allow 6-8 weeks to receive your first issue.

UPDATE (7-21-19): Family Fun magazine is now part of the Parents network. It’s no longer available in printed format but you can get free access to Family Fun magazine articles and craft projects online.

12. Working Mother Magazine

Free Working Mother Magazine subscription + 6 Free Baby Magazines

Working Mother – Get a free subscription to Working Mother magazine for 1 full year. This is a digital subscription, courtesy of Mercury Magazines.

13. Mothering Magazine

Free Mothering magazine subscription

Mothering – Mothering magazine was founded in 1976 by Peggy O’Mara and was published in print for many decades. You can now get full access to Mothering Magazine online at Mothering.com. There you’ll find thousands of helpful parenting articles for free.

14. Today’s Parent Magazine

Free Today's Parent magazine subscription

Today’s Parent – Today’s Parent is the leading parenting magazine in Canada.
Right now you can get a 75% discount off a digital subscription. You can also get most of their parenting articles for free on Today’s Parent website.

5 Easy Ways to Get Free Baby Magazines

Getting free magazines is easy, if you know where to look. Check out these unique ways to get free magazine subscriptions … #5 is my favorite!

1. Free Baby Magazines at Doctor’s Offices

Your OB/Gyn and Pediatrician will have parenting magazines in their waiting room for you to pass the time. They might even have multiple copies to hand out to patients for free.

Many parenting magazines will have a card or leaflet inside with offers for free or cheap magazine subscriptions.

You can ask the receptionist if they have any back issues you can take home. Most of them throw out the old issues when the new ones come in. Who cares if you’re reading a magazine that’s a couple of months behind? It’s still FREE!

2. Check Your Local Libary

Your public library has the latest issues of popular baby and parenting magazines. You can read them there or check out older issues to take home.

If you want to keep the magazines, ask the librarian. Many times they have multiple copies and will be willing to let you have older issues for free.

3. Borrow or Swap with Friends

You could ask for a free gift subscription as a baby shower gift from friends or family.

If you have a friend who was a subscription, ask if you can have the magazine issue when she’s done reading it.

A fun way to score some free magazines is to host a Magazine Swap. Ask your friends to bring a stack of magazines (and maybe a snack too). Then you can trade magazines and enjoy some girl time with other Moms.

4. Free Magazine Websites

There are many online sites that offer free magazine subscriptions. Most of them require you to fill out a short survey to be eligible.

They usually ask for your email, mailing address and occasionally some basic demographic information.

Here are the top free magazine sites:

Free subscriptions have included Family Circle, People, Shape, Better Homes & Gardens, Woman’s Day, Us Weekly, Bridal Guide, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Ladies Home Journal, and more.

Check these sites regularly because their free magazine offers change fairly often.

5. Use Rewards for Free Magazines

My favorite way to get free magazines is to rack up rewards points and redeem them for 1 year magazine subscriptions. I’ve received many free subscriptions this way.

All you have to do is fill out surveys, enter codes from specially marked packages, or use a special link when making an online purchase.

Even better, these rewards programs are FREE to join and even offer perks when you sign up!

Here are my favorite rewards programs that offer magazine subscriptions:

Cheap Magazines

With everything going digital these days, many magazines are now online. That means sales of printed magazines are declining.

The GOOD NEWS is that printed magazine subscriptions are MUCH cheaper than they used to be.

If you’re a magazine lover and drool over the glossy covers, beautiful photography, and helpful tips inside – you can still get your fix. And for cheap!

Here are some great deals I found for cheap magazine subscriptions:

I hope you found this helpful. Which free magazines are you gonna snag? Please post your comment below.

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